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Hello!! This site is for everyone to learn about Super Junior. It has a database of fun facts, Super Junior's discography, and much more!


I am in year 12 this year and so this means that I will be sitting my HSC (University Entrance Exam). I really want to do well in these exams, and so I have decided to just leave this blog for a while and come back afterwards! :) My last exam will on the 7th of November this year, and when I finish I will definitely come back! :) Thank you for all of your support, and please look forward to new facts when I come back!! (I have many facts that I haven't had time to post yet, and I will definitely be back to post them) :D

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I am a 16 year old Australian E.L.F! I have been an E.L.F since 2009, and they will always be my favourite group forever. I am still waiting for them to have a concert in Australia, as SS4 was cancelled :( Super Junior is really special to me, because it is the only kpop group where it is impossible for me to pick a bias, and so I don't have a bias :P.


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All of these facts are from random sites on the internet, from youtube videos, and from their twitter. If there is any crediting needed you can message me and i'll add you to my credits list. Each of these images of facts on this site is created by me. I decided not to watermark the images because it'll look ugly :P but please don't repost them without proper crediting. Thank you! :)


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Yesung's Turtles

Click anywhere in the box to feed Ddangkoma, Ddangkkoming, Ddangkkomaeng, and for people who didn't know... a new fact! Yeusng recently got a new turtle named Morahaji! Make sure you feed all of them :)
Green Turtle: Ddangkoma
Yellow Turtle: Ddangkkoming
Pink Turtle: Ddangkkomaeng
Purple Turtle: Morahaji


Click on the Album to listen to the songs! The Super Junior discography page is still under construction - that is why there are currently only a few albums avaliable for you to listen to, and the theme is still a bit wrong. There will be more coming soon!!

SuJu Profiles

Eunhyuk is extremely protective of his laptop. He won’t let anyone touch it and he’s even changed his password over six times.

Eunhyuk is extremely protective of his laptop. He won’t let anyone touch it and he’s even changed his password over six times.

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